- top 5 secrets of a natural born leader

Top 5 Secrets Of A Natural Born Leader
Submitted by Dennis Boesen
Sun, 8 Feb 2009

If you were not born with the characteristics of a good leader, you can learn to fake it! A lot of people naturally own at least a few of the qualities of a good leader, but they don't know how to make it work for them effectively. Even the most shy and timid personality can benefit in every aspect of life if they discover what makes a good leader.

You will face many circumstances in which strong leadership qualities will work to your advantage. If you fully embrace the qualities of a good leader, they will improve every part of your life from winning that big promotion to dealing with friends.

How can you learn what makes a good leader and make yourself into one? You can start today by learning the five characteristics of a good leader described right here.

Keep A Positive Attitude
While this is among the most essential qualities of a good leader, many people will struggle with making it a part of their life. It all starts with an attractive smile. What makes a good leader effective is a warm, enthusiastic attitude that looks at the bright side of life. If you make yourself seem friendly and approachable, others will feel more open to listening to you. If you want others to follow you, a positive outlook and a healthy amount of enthusiasm for life become essential characteristics of a good leader.

Watch Your Actions
What makes a good leader successful while others fail is usually how they choose to behave. Never expect others to follow the rules you routinely break yourself, or to listen to your advice when you ignore it yourself. Essentially, what makes a good leader effective is the ability to accept their own rules of proper behavior.

Boost Your Self Esteem And Confidence
This is just one of several of the skills of a good leader that can be hard to copy cat. If you want others to follow your lead willingly, you must at least appear to know exactly what you are doing and where you are going. Regardless of how certain you might be at times, what makes a good leader is the perception of certainty. Remaining calm in the most troubling moments is what makes a good leader trustworthy and relied upon by others.

The Rules of Good Management
The characteristics of a good leader often intertwine with strong managerial skills. Leaders delegate essential tasks to others in order to achieve the overall goal. Motivating others to do what you need of them is at the root of the most effective leadership qualities, and that is accomplished by maintaining that positive, cheerful attitude.

Living With High Standards
Natural leaders insist on maintaining high standards for themselves, and expecting the same from others. The secret here is to make others believe in themselves, so they will deliver the best of their abilities. A strong leader sees the best qualities in other people and strengthens that in them for the best overall results for all.

Essentially, what makes a good leader stand out from the crowd is a high level of self confidence, and the ability to make others feel successful as well. If you don't have it naturally, learn to copy cat these secrets!

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