Continue with Point A and Point B.

A. So far, have you tried the coupon posting through the Internet ? If yes, what is the results? If no, why aren't you trying it ?

B. What you think about this article
about the 10 Commandments—that every restaurant should be following:

1. Assign not the job of the hostess to the unworthy.
2. Prepare for guests a pleasant table.
3. Honor thy regulars.
4. Work well the service fundamentals.
5. Hearken to thy feedback.
6. Rethinkest thy wine list.
7. Retainest thou thy trained employees.
8. Expand thy horizons beyond the dining room.
9. Make flexibility thy watchword.
10. Work today with an eye on tomorrow.

An article which show good points but way different from my point of view. It helps to refresh our own objectives as restaurateurs, restaurant managers.

what you think

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