- Complaining Customers Need To Be Spotted

Customers are one of the many reasons why a restaurant owner/manager is able to continue to manage a restaurant for business or for inspiration. Since customers come from all levels of lifestyle; the differences among them can never be overlooked because it is one way how a restaurant establishment manages to learn from and improve.

Many restaurant owners/managers rely on getting free referrals from customers who happened to try the food and services of a restaurant. If it's a positive feedback, most likely, the return visits are going to be double than expected. It is a known fact that restaurants earn very well when referred to by current customers by word of mouth. Consider yourself and your restaurant lucky when you get several recommendations in a week. Of course, this means a higher demand from you, your restaurant employees and your restaurant's overall performance in terms of food and services.

Sound all good doesn't it? In an ideal world, these things happen without any flaw. But since this is the real world, most likely, there are customers who will visit and try the food and then leave dissatisfied. Even restaurants that have already withstood the test of time still experience these customers who complain about one thing after another.

When an unsatisfied customer walks out of a restaurant, expect to hear negative feedbacks from others as well. Word of mouth, as already known, travels more like a speed of light and you can just imagine how quickly it takes before worse things come to worst.

One solution for preventing a customer getting dissatisfied is to hire a professional spotter. This just means that you are going to have a spy right amidst your restaurant establishment. If you are a restaurant owner who values the restaurant business so much, then this is going to be a good way for you to track down what could be wrong, the things that your last upset customer didn't like and so on...

As an owner, there could probably be many things at a time in your head and the possibility of overlooking minor details which matter could be the root of the problem. In hiring spotters, these minor details which matter will be taken in to account, observed and sorted. Go ahead and resolve complains you usually hear from customers and act on it.

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