- Building Your (Sales) Team

You may have a brilliant product, best price, great online and offline visibility but you may not necessarily have the best sales report that you can boast about. Normally companies consider the above mentioned factors to be the crucial factors that help a company to do well however, they have been proved wrong repeatedly through their< span id="fullpost" > poor performance. If all these factors do not bring success, then what is the deciding factor on our sales? Most obviously, it is the effectiveness of your sales team. Often it is the sales team that makes or breaks a company success. If you have not been paying attention to building a strong sales team so far, then it is highly crucial that you start paying attention to building an effective sales team.

If you want an effective sales team then it is vital that each member of the team is highly effective. By selecting top performers we can make sure of having an effective sales team. How do we identify the top performers? We can use effective tools such as SPQ Gold. It is one of the best tools available in the market, which is capable of measuring the ability of your sales people to initiate contact and to introduce themselves to the prospective buyers. It will also help us find out their ability to manage their visibility levels in a highly competitive market. Every sales person has to fight the temptations of call reluctance and most people succumb to the temptation and employ over 12 avoidance behaviors making themselves to be unfit for the job. SPQ Gold will help us identify candidates who are more likely to exhibit such unhealthy traits and find candidates with healthy traits who can work well even under pressure.

SPQ Gold is the only tool available in the market to assess sales call reluctance. Using the tool, you can hire a strong sales team that will perform well despite all odds against them. Sales profiles are not easy profiles; it requires a high level of resilience to work under pressure and under heavy competition. They should be able to work as a team and not have their own goals and agendas. They should be able to fit in to the new environment fast and come up with their own new strategies handing the new market. Of course, there is no substitute to hard work; but their hard work should be done diligently. Above all, they should be highly optimistic people despite the gloomy financial environment.

When you use SPQ Gold sales assessment you will be able to identify both strong traits as well as the weak traits of the candidate helping you to pick the best sales team. You will also know the kind of training that should be given to your sales team. One of the advantages of SPQ Gold sales assessment is that the tests can be run online. In addition, you cannot find another effective method that is as cost-effective as SPQ Gold.

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