Time Management is Really About Life Management - Do You Have Enough Time?

Do you feel that you have too much, not enough or is it just right? Some people feel as though they have too much time. They are bored and let it tick away. Others feel that they have too little time; they feel pressured and hurried, as though there are too many demands placed upon them.

In workshops when I ask this question, of all the managers, sporting professionals, homemakers, and students, probably about 1 percent replies that they have enough time.

This is interesting because when you think about it, the supply of time has never been better or more equal. Regardless of your age or your job, you have as much time as everybody else.

This highlights a paradox of time management. Time management is not about creating more time (as time marches on at a fixed pace) but rather how to manage your life with respect to the time that we have

So time management is really about life management. Managing your life within the time period allocated. This raises the stakes of time management from the idea of "to do" lists to one that is of critical importance - your life effectiveness.

This is echoed in the famous words of Benjamin Franklin "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made of."

I believe that time management is fundamental to a meaningful and successful life. By prioritizing and focusing on what is important to you - for many this will be our family, friends, work, personal development and spirituality; we spend our time in a meaningful and effective manner.

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