- Lead From The Front Using Famous Leadership Quotes

It's often said that Leaders are not made, they are born!. However, its not entirely true. In fact, there are two kinds of leaders – the born leaders and those who become leaders by following the leads from other. Moreover, youll find that most of the modern leaders belong to the latter category.

In this regard, the leadership quotes from famous personalities attain a pivotal significance. Not only these quotes inspire ordinary mortals to lead from the front, but also keep them in good stead when their leadership skills are tested in real time scenario.

Being a leader of ten marketing professionals in my organization, I can say it authentically that the leadership quotes have brought a welcome change in my personality and played an important role in grooming my leadership skills.

To quote an example, I read a simple but profound leadership quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. on one of the popular quotes website on the Internet. It went something like this genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus”. This was the time when I was struggling to implement an efficient working model within the team but a few old timers were resisting it. I simply gave them a one-week testing challenge whereby they were required to work as per the new plan for a week and assess the results with those achieved by previous methods.

Undoubtedly, when the results were out, the resisters became supporters and have since been among my greatest admirers in the team.

Looking from the hindsight, I can say it from experience that there cant be a better alternative to the leadership quotes from famous personalities. If anyone is struggling to lead a team or a group, then simply hit the Internet and look for an authentic leadership quotes website, and change your fledgling life as a leader.

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